May 2018 Update

Stone IMB-R (HS2 2017 design): Very bad


Stone IMB-R (HS2 2018 design): Much worse


 Stone without the IMB-R: This is what the SRCG is fighting for!


Hello all, welcome to the May 2018 news update. Firstly, we would like to apologise for the lack of updates on the Social Media platforms. This has been due to the group preparing for the Select Committee appearance, and depositing our Petition against the latest HS2 Phase 2a Supplemental Environmental Statement using an Additional Provision. So, without further delay, lets jump right in with the details.

Select Committee

The SRCG representing Stone Town Council and Chebsey Parish Council presented our case in front of the Select Committee on the 25th April. We were awarded the whole day to present, due to the depth of evidence we had against the railhead/IMB-R being at Stone compared to Aldersey's Rough. Without going into too much detail, our technical team did everyone proud, undergoing questioning from the Select Committee and being cross-examined by the barrister for HS2 Ltd.  All of the proceedings were recorded, and can be found via the following links. Morning Session and Afternoon Session

Taking a lighthearted look at the proceedings, HS2 Ltd finally did something the SRCG has never been able to get, and has not seen before. Can you spot the difference in the images to the left? Sorry, no prizes to those who guess it!!


We did not reach the goal of £15,000 from the crowdfunding site alone. However, we did actually achieve a staggering total of £15,704 by the combination of the crowdfunding site, and donations provided via post or deposited into our bank account at the Hanley Economic in Stone. So, a big thank you to everyone who donated. However, the goal does not stop there. The costs incurred in appearing before the Select Committee with our QC, and the potential to re-appear for the Petition process with the Additional Provision, mean that we still need to keep on raising funds. Therefore, we have started a new crowdfunding site to get us to the new target of £21,000. Details of the new crowdfunding site can be found here

Quiz Night

The SRCG staged a fundraising quiz night at Yarnfield Village Hall on 28th April. A very big thanks to Dave Beeston from the VH Committee for organising this and to the Committee for use of the VH. Thanks also to everyone who attended and contributed to the grand total of £800.39.

Upcoming Events

We appreciate that small posts similar to this, cannot provide the detail some may require. Therefore, we will be holding public meetings at Yarnfield Park Conference Centre, Stone - Christ Church, and Walton Community Centre as soon as we can organise the venues. We will keep everyone updated via the social media outlets and the SRCG web site (

Again, a big Thank You to all our supporters, and lets keep the funds coming to facilitate the next appearance in front of the Select Committee.

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